Custom-made dispenser

At Sanibox, we can create a hand disinfection dispenser adapted to your reality. Our workshop team can design a sanitary station according to your parameters. Format, accessories, height, printing of visuals… the options are endless. Our creativity is at the service of your project to give it a touch of aesthetics and convenience.

Specifications : to be determined

Lists of proposed options
⬗ Presser: manual, foot operated, touchless (or multiple)
⬗ Power: Battery (4 x D) or connected to the wall
⬗ Visuals: number of sides or extra panels
⬗ Accessories: wipes holder, receptacle, waste bin, LED display, etc.
⬗ Format: optional, depending on the space available
⬗ Mounting: to put the sanitary station on the ground or on external concrete

Tailor-made hand disinfection dispenser

Our team is ready to support you in your tailor-made project. Space is often an issue and many accessories can be added to meet a specific need in your situation. The hand disinfection dispensers are assembled in our Montreal workshop and it is our mission to embellish your sanitary project. It’s a great way to showcase the health measures you have in place and to signal you as a safe point of sale.

When creativity and hand disinfection go hand in hand

Do not hesitate to contact us for a custom hand disinfection dispenser project. A member of our team will listen to your needs and constraints and get back to you with a quote. With the COVID-19 pandemic, people want to feel safe when entering a public place. By displaying a message on a high-capacity device, your customers will be reassured.

Now more than ever, it is more important than ever to disinfect the surfaces and hands of the people who handle your equipment. 50% of Canadians do not believe that we have reached the end of the first wave of the virus. With a custom-made automatic terminal, the entrance of your business will give confidence to these people in addition to meeting your company’s policies. We can add the features of your choice to the health station.