Types of hand washing stations

Station for hand washing. Touchless dispenser.

Hand washing station: how to choose?

Whether it’s a high-capacity terminal or a wall-mounted disinfectant gel dispenser, you need to know how to choose the right product for your traffic.

We offer 3 models that meet the reality of shops and public spaces: touchless, pedal-operated or custom-built. We therefore have hand washing stations designed for indoor or outdoor use. We can also add tailor-made options (receptacle, 120v power source, manual emergency press, etc.). Our team can also offer semi-permanent installations for parks or commercial areas.


Touchless. Indoor use, battery operated (7000 uses) or 120v, the safest and most reliable model.

Pedal activated. Indoor or outdoor use, mechanical mode for installations subject to the elements or left unattended.

Custom made. According to your specifications.

No need to worry about filling up with our hand washing station.

A wall-mounted disinfectant dispenser must be filled regularly and imposes tank limitations. The Sanibox is a hand washing station designed to hold several dozen litres of antiseptic solution. It has an internal space that can store containers (up to 20L). The universal spout of our tap can be connected to several varieties of bottles and jugs of 1 – 4 – 7.5 or 20 litres. The pump, contactless or manual, is connected by a system that makes our hand washing stations efficient and unique.

Whether it is to avoid multiple handling or for a very busy place, you will discover a reliable product with the Sanibox. A wall-mounted disinfectant dispenser is often captive, meaning that you must purchase refills from the company that manufactures them. Our hand washing stations are designed to avoid this kind of exclusivity: you can use the product of your choice in a high volume, maintenance-free format. We also have a partnership with Bleu Lavande for 7.5L buckets at a very competitive price.