Sanitizer dispenser (pedal)

An alternative to other foot activated sanitizer stand , the SBX-P is accessible and efficient for all your spaces. Our hydroalcoholic sanitizer dispenser on stand offers the possibility to be customized with your logo or the message of your choice. It is perfect for an effective marketing activation.

Details :
Non captive system to be used with a wide variety of hand sanitizers, liquid or gel. Do not work with foam. Compatibility with all size of container (up to 20 liters).

Price :
10 to 50 units : $595
100 units + : contact-us for more information

Model : SBX-P

Dimensions :
Counter height : 42 1/2’’
Height with the back : 60’’
Wideness : 15’’ 
Depth : 15’’

Weight : 15 lb

⬗ Colors : White or customizable

⬗ Use : Interior

Fabrication :
Designed and manufactured in Canada

Board : PSG AluPoly 
Counter : Polyethylene 
Angle : Aluminium 
Interior shelf : Russian Plywood
Foot pedal : Aluminium

Warranty : 1 year warranty on manufacturing defaults

Face the elements with our foot activated sanitizer stand

Whether indoors or outdoors, our structures are intended to be the first sanitary barrier at the entrance of a public space. The concept is eco-responsible, durable and made for high traffic locations. It has a capacity up to 10,000 uses between each refill. Ideal for your busy spaces. The SBX-P meets all your foot activated sanitizer stand needs by offering you a turnkey service (design + delivery).

A sanitizer dispenser on a stand adapted to your reality  

The SBX-P differs from other sanitizer dispenser by its pedal operation. It dispenses the disinfectant through a foot-operated pressure valve. By using the feet to activate the faucet, it eliminates the risk of cross-contamination. It can also be customized by printing visuals and logos directly on the terminal, ensuring trust, respect and professionalism with customers and employees. Entirely made of easy-to-clean materials, it is suitable for any use. Like any other foot activated sanitizer stand, the SBX-P complies with the sanitary standards set by the government.


Our foot activated sanitizer stand is an economical alternative to the Purell dispenser. It fits all disinfectant companies from 4 to 20 liters. It allows prolonged use per container and eliminates excessive refills. Compatible with large containers, it reduces the consumption of single-use plastic. It offers the space and capacity that any other sanitizer dispenser on the market cannot offer. SANIBOX is one of the first companies in Canada to design and manufacture these types of sanitizer dispensers. It stands out from any other supplier and ensures a quality and local product. The SBX-P includes customer support, acquisition and printing of visuals for customization and turnkey delivery. As soon as it is delivered, it is functional and ready to use.