Sanitizer dispenser (touchless)

Versatile and convenient, the SBX-SC offers everything a automatic hand sanitizer dispenser has to offer, but with an extra touch.  Designed for high-traffic areas, it has a large capacity that can contain bottles of hydro-alcoholic solution up to 20 Liters. It is equipped with a system that is suitable for any type of liquid or gel hand sanitizer. 

Details :
Non captive system to be used with a wide variety of hand sanitizer, liquid or gel. Do not work with foam. Compatibility with all size of container until 20 Liters.

Touchless dispenser :
Distribute 1.5 ml of hand sanitizer per use.
Requires 4 Alcaline D cell batteries (Up to 10 000 uses)

Price :
10 to 50 units : $495
100 units + : contact-us for more information

Model : SBX-SC

Dimensions :
Counter height : 42 1/2’’
Height with the back : 60’’
Wideness : 15’’ 
Depth : 15’’

Weight : 15 lb

⬗ Colors : White or customizable

⬗ Use : Interior

Fabrication :
Designed and manufactured in Canada

Board : PSG AluPoly 
Counter : Polyethylene 
Angle : Aluminium 
Interior shelf : Russian Plywood
Touchfree dispenser : Structural injection moulded plastic with polished chrome finish

Warranty : 1 year warranty on manufacturing defaults

The SANIBOX SBX-SC: an effective solution for automatic hand sanitizer dispenser 

Like all SANIBOX products, the our automatic hand sanitizer dispenser can be customized with visuals, logos, messages, and in color if desired. Hydroalcoholic solution dispenser against the spread of Covid 19, its design and mode of use is approved by Health Canada. It respects government regulations by offering a durable and attractive hand washing solution.  

Dispensing terminal for hydroalcoholic solution in your image 

The SBX-SC is a automatic hand sanitizer dispenser that uses a non-contact dispensing system. It eliminates the risk of cross-contamination through its motion sensing valve. Simply hold your hands in front of the faucet to receive a single spray of hydroalcoholic solution. The dispensing flow rate is controlled between uses. This results in savings and less waste. Our touchless disinfectant dispenser can be customized by adding logos and messages as needed. Its general appearance when customized gives users confidence and respect for sanitary instructions.


Dispenser of hydroalcoholic solution, it is made of easy to clean materials. The SBX-SC is more economical than other automatic hand sanitizer dispenser. It is suitable for all sizes of all brands of hand sanitizers from 4 to 20 Liters. Its capacity to hold large sizes of antiseptic hand washing products allows for extended use between fill-ups. The use of large format helps to reduce the consumption of single-use plastic. Our touchless hydroalcoholic solution dispenser is designed and manufactured in Montreal with quality and local products. It stands out by being one of the first to offer this type of automatic hand sanitizer dispenser in Canada. Our SANIBOX includes delivery and installation for use upon receipt.